World Class Speaking Coach Certification Program™

Starting June 12, 2017
7 pm EST

Offered once a year. Only 25 spots available.
We have sold out for the last 8 years so get your seat now.

Do You Want to Create a Profitable and Reliable New Income Stream in Today’s Tough Economy?

Would You Like to Become a Certified High Paid Speech Coach in Demand?

This program is delivered on the telephone and Internet. There is no travel involved.

All calls are recorded in case you miss any. You will have 24/7 online access
to our exclusive online environment for all materials and group interaction.

No more boring online education - this course is lead by two World Class Speakers, Craig Valentine and Mitch Meyerson.

We use the new teleseminar technology that raises the bar on online learning and makes learning much more fun!


Fripp4"Based on thirty plus years experience, my best advice is “Look at who has already accomplished what you want to do, preferably one who enjoys world-wide credentials to prove it. You can’t go wrong reading what my friends, speaking and marketing heroes Craig Valentine and Mitch Meyerson, have to say.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Follow their advice and you will cut years off your learning curve…and feed your family exceptionally well doing so!"

- Patricia Fripp, Past President of the National Speakers Association and Hall of Fame Speaker

Deidre2“Had a huge win tonight! Launched our Speak and Get Patients Program for chiropractors today at a live event. Converted 35% of the room during a 75 minute talk bringing in over $11,000 in biz ($997.00 down to $797.00) made connections for private sessions and National Speaking Gigs."

- Deirdre Van Nest, AcceleratePerformance.com

From the Las Vegas World Class Speaking gathering...(note the course is 100% virtual over the phone/skype and Internet).

Create a New Profitable Income Stream With Ease
While Doing What you Love!

Competence + Confidence + Credibility = Chance of a Lifetime!


  • Are you interested in positioning yourself to take advantage of the huge global demand for quality speech coaching?
  • How would you like a ready-made proven turnkey system of models, templates, techniques, products, books, and processes for guiding presenters to the next level?
  • Can you use the instant credibility that comes with being certified as a World Class Speech Coach?
  • Would you like to get paid handsomely by helping people make World Class presentations?
  • Do you want to become known as THE speech coach in your neck of the woods that CEOs, Executives, and other Presenters regularly go to for help?
  • Can you use more referrals for speech coaching clients?
  • Would you like to gain access for life into the World Class Speaking Coaches Alumni Forum?
  • Would you like to begin making money immediately by selling proven World Class Speaking products?
  • Would you like to learn the cutting edge technologies to coach presenters from around the world without having to leave home?
  • Are you interested in taking your own speaking skills to a World Class Level?
  • Are you ready to join an intensive 12-week program designed to teach you how to be a World Class Speaking Coach and pick up World Class Speaking skills along the way?
  • Are you ready to enjoy the freedom and prosperity that come from running your own successful speech coaching business?

Hold Your Spot Now Before We Are Full

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For a time limited period we are offering $500 off


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We would be happy to speak with you on the phone or via email.
Email Craig Valentine

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Martin_Presse_Speaker1"Your course literally changed my life. The material you taught allowed me to write a book, an action guide, a mini book, an audio program, a weekly radio program and to create my own 2 1/2 day seminars.

If an unknown Canadian speaker, who spoke too fast, ran off stages and who hasn’t won the world championship of public speaking, can now command stages in Canada, Montana, Seattle, LA, and New York teaching exactly what was taught during that class, anybody can. Thank you!"

- Martin Presse, Alberta, Canada, MartinPresse.com

Certified World Class Speaking Coach Amy Ayoub hit the ground running and one year after becoming certified, she has dozens of coaching clients. A few are gathered here at her Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, which Craig attended.

Your Trainers: Craig Valentine and Mitch Meyerson
the Founders of World Class Speaking

Craig Valentine is the 1999 World Champion Of Public Speaking.
He has spoken in eleven countries and trained speakers and coaches in dozens more around the globe.

 Mitch Meyerson has been a featured speaker for Entrepreneur Magazine and is finishing his eleventh book entitled Success Secrets Of The Online Marketing Superstars which will be released in February, 2015.

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Sarah Hilton"The World Class Speaking Certification has taken me to new heights in business and personally. With the duo of Craig and Mitch we learned, practiced and prepared to take our speaking and coaching business from the idea to the identity. I now have a business name, a plan and have the tools to coach the beginner to the more advanced speaker. Your style and dedication to working with us has proven to be a success. Thank You." - Sarah Hilton, SpokenAdvantage.com

"The truth is, I love brilliant people. I love the way their minds work. I love the adventure they take me on. I love to wrestle with them, to be challenged by them, to engage in dialogue with them… I love to listen to their words, and to follow them where they take me. Mitch Meyerson is such a person. It’s obvious that he’s comfortable playing big games and has a knack for helping others to play them as well." - Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth



Course Content

Note: All modules include how to use these processes AND how to coach others to use them.
You will embody what you teach and teach what you have embodied.

Week 1. The 12 World Class Speaking Competencies

Week 2. Strengthening Your Coaching Skills

Week 3. Helping Your Clients Develop A Solid Structure For Their Presentations

Week 4. Helping Your Clients Develop Compelling Content For Their Presentations

Week 5. Helping Your Clients Develop Compelling Stories That Make Unforgettable Points

Week 6. Marketing Your Business Online

Week 7. Helping Your Clients Open and Close Their Speeches With Impact

Week 8. Helping Your Clients Sell Their Audiences on Taking The Next Desired Step

Week 9. Helping Your Clients Improve Their Speech Delivery

Week 10. How to Master Marketing To Generate Leads, Customers and Profits

Week 11. How Move From Free To Fee As A Coach

Week 12. Automation, Affiliates and Action


Each week you will learn not only how to use these tools for your own speeches but
also how to coach others to use them for theirs!

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If you’re ready to make the change that will add value to many lives and lots of money to yours…

The World Class Speaking Coach Certification Program is an intensive 12-week program designed to give you the skills to set you apart from the majority of speech coaches around the globe.

You will become part of an exclusive group of professional speech coaches that will command high pay for the extremely high value you provide to your coaching clients. By the time you finish the program, you will have the confidence, the competence, and the credibility to build a lucrative business and enjoy every step of the way.

Our Intensive 12-Week World Class Speaking Coach Training Program includes:

  • 12 One-Hour High-Impact Teleclasses
  • All World Class Speaking Templates, Models, and Systems
  • 22 World Class Speaking Training Audios
  • A Web-Based Interactive Discussion Forum
  • All Classes Are Recorded and Placed in Our Online Learning Center Within 48 Hours (usually 24)
  • Certificate of Completion and Authorized Use of the World Class Speaking Logo


Join A Community of Unstoppable Entrepreneurs


In May 2014 we released a book authored by 50 Certified World Class Speaking Coaches.


 World Class Speaking In Action became an Amazon.com #1 Bestseller.

After you become Certified, you too will be eligible to be a contributing author of our next edition of World Class Speaking In Action.

amy_ayoub"This was undoubtedly the smartest investment I've made for my speaking career.
I already have a group put together that I will be training beginning mid-January...that would have been impossible without this World Class Speaking Certification course. I will never be able to thank you both enough. You handed me a niche I was meant to excel in...thank you a thousand times. I've made over ten times my investment already." - Amy Ayoub, TheZenSpeaker.com

jayblog"Mitch Meyerson is one of the most outstanding coaches in the nation, if not the world... His depth of understanding the ways to motivate action and implant ideas is superb."

- Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of Guerrilla Marketing, The Best Selling Marketing Series in History


 Group Teleclasses and a State of the Art Online Environment

The World Class Speaking Coach Certification Program will be taught in a group teleclass format. Each class will incorporate a combination of rich content and interactivity designed to help you sharpen your skills and fully integrate the theory and practice of World Class Speaking.

In addition you will be engaging other World Class Speaking Coaches in our cutting edge online environment filled with resources.

Get Increased Exposure as a Certified World Class Speaking Coach!

  • As a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, you will be listed at www.WCSpeaking.com with your contact information and links to your website.  You will get referrals for speech coaching opportunities that come through Craig and Mitch.
  • Brand Yourself as a Certified World Class Speaking Coach.
"Hi Craig, We incorporated your suggested changes into his presentation with spectacular results. Today we garnered appointments with 95% of all the folks in the room. It was our best ever - so ten thousand thank you's!" - Sue and Pat Peason, Investment Advisor Representative and Office Administrator, Valley Safe Money Advisors, LLC


Craig Valentine
Craig Valentine

Some of Craig's products

Craig Valentine, MBA, an award-winning speaker, management trainer, and speech coach, has traveled the world helping speakers breathe life into their presentations. He has spoken in 18 countries and trained speakers from dozens more. In 1999 he won the World Championship of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International after competing with more than 25,000 contestants from 14 countries.

Craig is the author of The Nuts and Bolts of Public Speaking, co-author of World Class Speaking, and contributing author of Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines. He is the producer of several best-selling home-study courses for speakers. Craig also has an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and is certified as a Co-Active Coach and a Guerrilla Marketing Coach.

Before becoming a full-time speaker, Craig delivered sales presentations for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill and won the Mid-Atlantic Division’s Salesperson of the Year award 3 times. He currently averages more than 80 presentations per year and works with presenters from Toronto to Taiwan. His rehire rate as a speaker exceeds 92%. Craig has also received the Congressional Achievement Award from the United States Congress for excellence in communications.

Mitch Meyerson
Mitch Meyerson

Some of Mitch's Books

Mitch Meyerson is a dynamic speaker and the author of eleven personal and business development books including Mastering Online Marketing, Six Keys To Creating The Life You Desire, When Is Enough Enough?, When Parents Love Too Much, Success Secrets of The Online Marketing Superstars, Guerrilla Marketing On The Front Lines, Guerrilla Marketing On The Internet. His books appear in 24 languages and he has been the featured expert on the Oprah Winfrey show. His newest books are Success Secrets Of The Online Marketing Superstars (Feb 2015)and World Class Speaking In Action (May 2014).

Since 1999 Mitch founded four groundbreaking Internet based programs including The Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program which has certified over 320 Guerrilla Marketing Coaches worldwide, The 90 Day Product Factory, The Online Traffic School and Master Business Building Club. He has trained business owners worldwide in his online innovative marketing strategies. Mitch is also an accomplished jazz musician/songwriter and lives in Scottsdale, AZ.


briantracy_small"This is an extraordinary book! It took me seven years to build a million-dollar internet business. If I had had this book, I could have done it in two.”

- Brian Tracy, Author of The Way To Wealth

"Thank you for helping me with my speech. When I got home doors started opening for me and literally within a week I had 5 paid presentations lined up. My business is taking off faster than I would have ever dreamed!" - Pele Raymond Ugboajah, Author, Speaker, Business Coach

Certified World Class Speaking Coach Jennifer Leone leads a presentation class in Castle Hill, Australia.

"It is an incredible course for speakers who have been studying and want to continue raising the bar and their credentials as certified speaking coaches. I am proud to have earned this credential and will be even more proud to demonstrate my upgraded knowledge of speaking as a workshop facilitator and now as a certified world class speaking coach."
- Kathryn Mackenzie, KathrynMackenzie.com

"This speaker is speechless! May I tell you about my week? It started on Monday after I gave a 10 min presentation in my networking group on how to use the Then Now and How formula. There were 22 people there, half already work with me. Of the remaining half (11) FIVE called me to talk about having me coach them or in one case coach his sales team!

The coaching most of them want isn't even for speaking it's for my Fire Your Fear coaching which was the example I used in my talk for my Then Now and How story! Today, I delivered the same talk, only it was 40 min and 60 women were hanging on every word! The best part of all this is that we GET to teach others how to do this too. It's a gift we can share. Once again, thank you Craig!" - Deirdre Van Nest


Here are just a few of the hundreds of things you will learn:

  • How to coach others to master the 3 most important aspects of public speaking (Structure, Content, and Delivery)
  • The PARTS Formula for Creating Killer Content in your Speeches
  • The 9 Cs to Master Storytelling and make unforgettable points
  • The 17 biggest mistakes most speakers make
  • More than 20 delivery tools that will keep your audiences spellbound
  • The 5-step system for delivering knock-out teleclasses and virtual courses
  • How to generate at least 10 streams of income with each speech
  • How to SWAP (Sell Without Annoying People) from the back of the room
  • The 8 Keys to Master Online Marketing and quickly build your business
  • How to create a 7-step Marketing Plan to bring in more coaching clients and generate more income from your current clients.
  • How to Structure your speech for maximum effect from the opening to the closing.
  • The 7 ways to automate your business so it can bring in money while you sleep!
  • and much more.

"The Certified World Class Speaking Coach course has been the next step for me in my speaking business. It was excellent. For twelve weeks the information was overflowing and vital in making your business grow to the next level. I loved it! What I now know is detailed, World Class and more superior than anything else I come across. The best investment I have made. I now charge more per session with my clients and I have had positive feedback from clients that say my coaching style is like no other they have come across. The information I now pass on to clients is World Class, thank you Craig and Mitch." - Jennifer Leone, Australia talktrainers.com.au 

Several Certified World Class Speaking Coaches shared the stage with Craig at an event in Las Vegas. You could be next!
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Learn the World Class tools to get these kinds of testimonials from the people you coach:

"The Storytelling Compass is the best tool I’ve ever used in speech creation/improvement. I’ve gone through the program twice. The compass helps me tear the speech apart, reconstruct it following your format, and it is a much more powerful and audience-focused speech. The Compass alone is worth at least 50 times what I paid for the program."

Michael R Davis, CFP, CLTC, Orangefinancial/Lifetime Financial Growth of Ohio

“I gave the speech last Monday and everyone raved about it. Thank you so much for your help. I went in very confident, knowing it was a very good speech… In fact, they hope to get me back again and several said they want to find out where else I’m speaking so they can come hear me again."

Christine Duvivier, Managing Director, Impact Partners

“I would like to congratulate you because in the survey we got from our participants your workshop was ranked the best among the other workshops! Thanks again for coming to Sloan Business School - you are a rock star!”

Felipe Castro, MIT Conference Coordinator

“I can honestly say that your coaching put me light years ahead of where I would have been. The feedback that I have been getting from my attendees at my seminars has been nothing short of amazing! Thank you...”

Lewis Roth, President, LTC Solutions

“...Dallas was amazing. Within the first two hours I received my money’s worth. I…left with a detailed analysis on ways to make my presentation a hundred times better.”

eri Scheinzeit, Business and Leadership Coach, NYC

“I got feed back that my class was inspiring, that I was phenomenal, and I was asked if I speak outside the Learning Annex. So, I just want to thank you and let you know that your teachings DO WORK.”

Isaak Gelbinovich, President, Speaking to Succeed

william_reed"There's a famous quote by George Bernard Shaw that says, “Those who can do...those who can't teach.” Well, he never met Mitch Meyerson and Craig Valentine! They can teach it, they can do it, and they have captured the combination in a course called World Class Speaking. A lot of programs make exciting promises, and then dump a whole lot of material in your lap, which you are left to figure out and apply on your own. Not this one! They'll show you in just 12 weeks how to move from spectator to speaker, and from free to fee. Before the course was even finished, I had client commitments that more than paid for the program, and a brand new website that brought in 4 speaking invitations in the first month."
- William Reed, Certified World Class Speaking Coach, williamreed.jp




Hold Your Spot Now Before We Are Full

 Regular price $2995.00 with no recurring fees

For a time limited period we are offering $500 off


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 2. To Register for Payment Plan
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We would be happy to speak with you on the phone or via email.
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