Certification 6

Welcome To The World Class Speaking Coach Certification Program™


Starting Monday June 16, 2014 7 pm EST 


Guest pin code: 139732#


Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100

Secondary dial in number: (410) 864-6220

Third dial in # (206) 402-0100

Any of these number should work or

Attend by Web:


All calls are at the same time every week. Please call in 3-5 minutes early so we can start on time. www.time.gov

Recordings will be up in 24 hours after class.


Here Is Your Action Guide For Week One.

Click on the link to view or right click to save and download

–> WCS-Week 1


WCSCover onwhite-464

Login Instructions


We have an amazing online learning environment. You’ll need
to set up your account prior to the first call.

**Follow these 14 steps and read carefully– they will
help you tremendously in learning this environment**

The learning environment is here:

–> http://www.wcspeaking.com/training
Please bookmark this page as it is where you will find all
the information for the Certification program

1. Click on the “World Class Speaking Certification 201​4​” link

2. Create a New Account on the right side of the page

3. Fill out your user name (which should be your full name,
all lowercase, NO spaces; i.e. mitchmeyerson)

4. Include a password of your choice – and one that you can
remember easily! Please make a note of it.

5. Fill out the remaining information and submit

6. The system will send a confirmation email. Please click
on the link in the email to activate your account.

7. You’ll be directed to a page that says Thanks, your
registration has been confirmed. Click on the Courses link
on that page

8. You’ll be taken back to the home page. Again, click on
the World Class Speaking Certification link

*** 9. You’ll be asked for an enrollment key. This is a one-
time verification. Enrollment key: ​worldclass2014

10. Click on Enroll me in this course

11. You now have access to the course materials, dates,
times and phone number of the certification calls and other
important information.
12. Update your profile and upload your photo. You can get there by
clicking on the Participants tab in the upper left corner of the
site. If you have any problems, check out our Tips for Using This
** Please do not start a new discussion thread yet.


Again, welcome to the World Class Speaking Certification Program.
We’re going to work hard and have a lot of fun in what we hope will
be an exciting and productive journey for all.


Mitch and Craig