! World Class Speaking Live

World Class Speaking Live 2

 It’s Not Just Business,
It’s Personal.


Exclusively for Certified World Class Speaking Coaches

 September 19 -20, 2015
Scottsdale, Arizona 

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Why is this an event you won't want to miss?

The World Class Speaking Live Event is special because only Certified World Class Speaking Coaches are invited to personally connect with Mitch and Craig and a team of Certified World Class Speaking Coaches for an entire weekend.

This is not an event where the keynote speakers simply speak and go away.  No, this is a place to connect so you can catapult your speaking and coaching to new heights.

Plus, we’ll meet you WHERE YOU ARE in terms of your specific needs and help you thrive based on where you want to go.

What can you expect to get out of this exclusive event?

During this intimate, one-of-a-kind event, you'll receive tools and experiences to help you:

  • Drastically improve your speaking and speech coaching skills and abilities through LIVE coaching
  • Leave with your own product with Craig and Mitch
  • Breakthrough any stuck-points through live hot-seat coaching
  • Form strong connections and perhaps JV partnerships, as a member of the World Class Speaking community
  • Celebrate our successes and have a tremendous amount of fun!
  • And much more...


World Class Speaking Live Event Highlights


#1. Create Your Own Product with Mitch and Craig


Get the opportunity for an immediate ongoing profitable return on your investment with this stellar product. And this is included in your tuition for the live event!

You will walk away from this special Live Event with a 45 minute downloadable mp3 product (called “World Class Speaking: How to Present with Impact”) that you can burn into a CD if you choose featuring Craig Valentine, Mitch Meyerson, and you. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity should give you a huge return on your investment as we will create it once so you can sell it forever. Think of the credibility and profitability this product can bring. After all, because it’s a digital product, you won’t have much in terms of costs. That’s very close to pure profit.
(Note: This product opportunity will only be available at World Class Speaking Live #2)

#2. Coaching Skills Training

Do you want to see examples of how expert speech coaching works?  Get ready for a ringside seat to onstage demos of real speech coaching in action led by Craig and Mitch.

MitchstandHave you ever bought a home-study course or taken a seminar or workshop? While those are very valuable, they often lack something that’s critical to your future. Because they have to cater to the entire group, they don’t necessarily meet you exactly where you are. They don’t always address your specific needs. Well, Live Hot-seat Coaching changes all that! We’ll find out where you are currently (in speaking, marketing, coaching, etc.), where you want to go, and then coach you to get there with the least amount of frustration, stress, or wasted effort. As you know, we can let our long road lead to your shortcut.

When we started in the speaking industry, we watched other speakers and that process helped us improve. One of the issues with being a coach is that you rarely get to watch other coaches at work. Wouldn’t it be helpful to see other examples of how the live coaching process works? That’s the additional benefit of witnessing the live Hot-seat Coaching. You get better by being coached and by watching others get coached. Experience actual clients and coaching in real time.

#3.  LIVE HOTSEAT “Meet You Where You Are” Speech Coaching.

Last year in the World Class Live we had 5 keynote speeches.  This year's event will be different.  Everyone will be offered a chance to get on stage for a 7-10 presentation followed by later feedback from Craig, Mitch and the entire group CV

  • Get instant feedback on what you can improve in your speech
  • Learn quickly by experiencing other's speeches and feedback
  • Get invaluable stage time in from of your peers and coaches


#4. How To Grow Your Business

Let’s face it, you can be the greatest coach in the world but that won’t matter if you don’t get clients and customers. Sit down with Mitch and Craig and develop a surefire solid plan to not only attract clients but to generate multiple streams of coaching income.

When your income is balanced, your business can thrive through thick and thin times. Put a plan in place that you can act on now and benefit from forever.

#5 Small Group Breakout Coaching Sessions

Some of the best ideas I’ve ever learned in life did not come from my instructors; they came from others who were climbing like me. We shared our best practices plus the strategies that catapulted our careers. The same can happen for you when you let this group’s synergy work.

These small group breakout coaching sessions will be led by Certified World Class Speaking Coaches. Greatness doesn’t usually happen in isolation. Let the group help you turn your mess into your message. Those giving 5-minute presentations will then receive World Class Speaking feedback from other coaches Note: Nobody will be forced to speak but you certainly will have the option to do so and get World Class feedback.


#6 Networking Lunch and Dinner Sessions

Do you remember how powerful it was to have an accountability partner throughout the World Class Speaking Course? Well, imagine connecting with several other World Class minds that can help you reach your goals.   The neat part about this special and exclusive event is everyone has the World Class Speaking Coach Certification background but each coach also has his or her own approach to the business. Getting an understanding of what others are doing can only help you clarify how you’d like to move forward. For example, we know coaches who have:

  • Taken groups of 8-10 people through 12 months of training using the 12 World Class Speaking Course’s weeks as a guide.
  • Concentrated on one-to- one coaching and generated referrals from their clients.
  • Focused on live events and built up a strong following.
  • Written books and, as a result, have been booked to speak time and time again.
  • Put their energy into joint ventures to build their businesses and gain rapid exposure.
  • Built an entire Academy around the World Class Speaking principles.

PLUS have lunch and dinner with Mitch and Craig each day to pick their brains so you can avoid common mistakes and have a smoother path to building your business.


The ways to build your speaking and coaching business are endless.
Seeing what’s possible can motivate you to move quickly in the direction you desire and get the results you deserve.

Fripp4"Based on thirty plus years experience, my best advice is: Look at who has already accomplished what you want to do, preferably one who enjoys worldwide credentials to prove it. You can’t go wrong reading what my friends, speaking and marketing heroes Craig Valentine and Mitch Meyerson have to say.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Follow their advice and you will cut years off your learning curve… and feed your family exceptionally well doing so!" - Patricia Fripp, Past President of the National Speakers Association and Hall of Fame Speaker

#7.  Surprises

We said it before and will say it again: This is no ordinary event.  At many live events and weekend conferences you get techniques, ideas, and strategies to improve your life or business. You’ll get those at this event as well but you’ll also get much more.

Mitch, Craig and some special guests will provide some surprises. Plus we’ll get to connect all weekend inside and outside of the event. You can connect with Mitch and Craig at lunch, dinner and throughout the weekend.

It’s meant to be fun! It’s meant to be a meaningful, ground-breaking experience. Let’s make this more than a conference. Let’s make it a connection… a bond for the World Class Speaking community.

What’s Your Investment for this One-Of-A-Kind Event?

There’s no reason to beat around the bush here, because you hopefully already know the kind of value you can expect to receive.

Our special price for the event is $995 including your personalized product with Craig and Mitch 
(Room not included. We have a group rate  for beautiful rooms with free happy hour with food).



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We will have room reservation number with group rate soon. Questions? email: mitch@mitchmeyerson.com or post to the World Class Speaking Facebook group.

Our Beautiful Venue

Located in the striking Paradise Valley section of the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.  We were looking for an affordable place that also will be memorable.   Located right on Stone Creek Golf Course and in the heart of Paradise Valley.  We know you will love this.

ES1                    Stonecreek Golf Course




We have a special group rate. You have the option of coming in a few days earlier or staying a few days later if you want at that rate.  There is a very nice happy hour with food included. It is literally on a golf course with driving range if that interests you and is very close to Paradise Valley Mall with lots of shopping and restaurants.


Your Hosts: Craig Valentine and Mitch Meyerson, Founders of the World Class Speaking Coach Certification Program


Craig Valentine


Mitch Meyerson

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