World Class Speaking In Action Book Launch

World Class Speaking In Action Book Launch 

Mid to Late May 2014


Sample Layout and Chapter titles 




Amazon Book Launch Information 

Basically the idea is simple.  On a specific date all of the authors will promote the book to their mailing list and social media.  You will send these book buyers to a special landing page that will include the audio book bonuses.

Launch Date: We are looking at mid to late May and will let you know as soon as we do as we are coordinating with our publisher.

We have used the strategy on both Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars books as well as Guerrilla Marketing on Front Lines.  In each case we did hit number one in a number of Amazon best seller categories. This will give our book a great start and create more word-of-mouth sales for everybody.

Of course you’d like to promote this beyond the book launch but right now we’d like to focus on this launch.


Here are some results we got from our last two Amazon Launches