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Update Monday Jan 13, 2014


A new letter from our editor Amanda Rooker…

Hello World Class authors!

We’re now in the thick of assessing and editing chapters, and Mitch and I have worked out a process that we believe will be the most efficient and provide the best quality for the book.

To make sure we meet our tight deadline, I’ve pulled in my managing editor, Angie Kiesling, to help with the project. Angie edits in exactly the same conversational style that I do and is just as good if not better at line editing/copyediting as I am. (She’s also authored twelve books herself.) She will be handling the chapters that need straightforward editing (copyediting and line editing), and I’ll handle the chapters that need deeper reworking (reorganization, content help, coaching, or ghostwriting).

To maximize efficiency, that means the authors who need the straightforward editing will be working directly with Angie, and the ones who need more help will be working directly with me. Angie and I have been working together long enough such that I trust her judgment, so I don’t feel the need to check her work before she sends it to the author, as this is the process we follow for editing full book manuscripts as well. But if there are any issues at all, I’m ultimately responsible for all the editing, and I will make sure they’re resolved. If you have any concerns or questions, please let me know. The quality of your chapter is the most important thing to us.

One more administrative detail: We’re going to invoice authors twice: once for the editing portion upon completion, and then once for the nominal formatting/project management fee split 50 ways after the book is submitted to Morgan James. Again, if you have any questions about this, just let me know.

If you haven’t yet turned in your chapter and you haven’t yet spoken to me, please remember that January 15 is a firm deadline. I’ll be out of town speaking on a ghostwriting panel in DC that day, so don’t panic if I don’t immediately acknowledge receipt on the 15th. I’ll catch up with correspondence as soon as I get back.

Thanks so much for entrusting your work to us. In the meantime, you can assume no news is good news.




1) Older updates

–>  Editor  (12-19-2013)

Editor Notes  (from 2 weeks ago – please read again)

2) Here is a sample chapter that has gone through the editing process that you can use as a model.

Approved Sample Chapter
This chapter is from Kathryn MacKenzie who worked with Amanda this last week.   Note: Kathyrn wants you to know that this “final” version was not her first draft and that she received invaluable help from Amanda to improve it.

3) If you submitted a chapter you should have heard from Amanda that she received it.  If not email her at
We have received about 12 already.

4. Once again due to our tight April book launch and live event deadlines we need all chapters no later that January 15 (no exceptions) and preferably as early as possible.
If you can not make this deadline please contact asap

As you can see from the Table of Contents below this will be an exceptional book and we expect it to be a #1 Amazon Best Seller.  Very exciting!


Updated Table Of Contents

Part 1: The World Class Way

1. Craig Valentine and Mitch Meyerson: The World Class Speaking Competencies

2. Sarah Hilton: So Bald: The World Class Way

3. Teri Kingston -Phenomenal Action the World Class Way.

Part 2: World Class Speaking Structure

4. Teresa Dukes: Structure -The Roadmap To Success

5. Jeremy Tracey: The ABC’s for Your BANG Beginning!

6. Kathryn MacKenzie: Transitions: the most neglected part of a speech

7. Wade Randolph: Using Callbacks Can Help You Connect

8. Dave Chase: Create a Scene

9. Robert Gordyn: Closing With Impact

Part 3: Creating World Class Content

10. Mohamed Isa: Diligent Research for Delighting the Audience

11. Jennifer Leone: The True Message Behind the Story.

12. Rena Romano:  Uncovering Your PARTS Formula

13. Anna Perdriau: My Pain Is Your Gain: Leveraging the Then, Now, and How Formula

14. Bob Goodyear: Tell a Technical Tale

15. Monika Sugiarto: Using Activities for Engagement

16. Richard C. Harris:  How to Create Anchors That Captivate, Motivate, and Activate Your Audience

17. Nate Dunlop: Word Recipes that turn the audience’s appetite on

18. Kim Myers: Uncovering Humor

Part 4: World Class Speaking Delivery

19. David Otey: Upholding the Grand Bargain: Why You MUST Connect Emotionally with Your Audience

20. Lewis Roth: The 4 Elements of Engaging Your Audience

21. John Bates: Human Neurobiology: The Science of Speaking Success

22. Hayward Suggs: The Importance of Body Language

23. Hiba Hamdan:  Using Visuals Like PowerPoint

24. Manley Feinberg: Elevate Your Visuals From Boring to BREAKTHROUGH

25. Bob Mohl: Staging Your Presentation

26. Tim Juda: Using Emotion to Enhance the Motion of Your Message

27. Valerie Fusion   Bringing Your Characters to Life

28. Richard Ballard:  Tell A Story and Make A Point

29. Willie Robinson: Transform your speaking with Eye Contact

30. Dell Self: Mastering the Q & A

31. Maureen Bell: Practice: Use It Or Lose It

Part 5: World Class Selling and Marketing

32. Mike Davis: 3 Steps to Earn Commitment to Your Coaching Business

33. Deirdre Van Nest:  How to make offers when you speak without feeling scared, slimy, or slick.

34. William Reed : Becoming a TEDx Speaker

35. Jocelyne Vezina: Copyright, Trademark or both?

36. Diana Canaday: Then, Now and How is Your Best Sales Pal

37. Mark Vickers: Back of Room Sales

38. Jeanne Lee: From Conversation to Contract. Things to Consider Before Closing the Deal.

39. Carl Dusthimer: Tapping Into Asia

40. Danish Qasim: Knowing your audience across cultures OR  Adding Rhetorical Devices:

41. Malachi Talabi: Keep ‘em hooked so you get re-booked!”

42. Lisa Vanderkwaak: World Class Fundraising

Part 6: World Class Virtual Speaking

43. Shari Strong: Energy and Intentions! How To Connect with a Virtual Audience

44. Michael Neuendorff: Making You Tube Your Stage

45. Anastasia Pryanikova: From Presentations to Virtual Presence: How to engage and grow your audience in the digital world

46. Daniel Moirao:Creating and Delivering World Class Teleseminars for fun and profit!

47. Mimi Brown: WOW with Webinars The World Class Speaking Way

48 . Henrik Brameus:  Your voice in digital marketing

49. Ben Thorkelson: World Class Speaking As A Philosophy Of Life


End December 19 UPDATE



(Click on Editor Notes PDF and look at Craig’s chapter layout example below ).

We also realized that the Jan 15 deadline may be too tight to get the books for the Amazon launch and LIVE event in April.

SOOO…  we really would love to have your chapters sometime in December (or as early as possible)  so we can get them edited and printed in time.   We can stretch to Jan 15 for a few of you, but you can see getting 50 chapters done in time may be challenging if everyone submits in January.
   (this is a clickable link your submission forms )


1. Meet Our Editor, Amanda Rooker

Header_Mandi_PartialFace“Her editing brilliance is unparalleled”  Christine Comaford
“She has a 100% satisfaction rate…plus she is affordable, fun to work with and fast”
David Hancock, Morgan James Publishing
“We have never worked with anyone who compares with Amanda Rooker” Martha Rodgers, PHD

She will be very affordable – around 8-10 dollars a page.   It will be a little more only if you need her as a ghostwriter or the writing is very rough (but rather than me quote her on price I am happy to put you in touch with her, she is very fair and a great person).  She has done collections like this before and works with entrepreneurs. She will make sure this is an excellent book from the writing and flow standpoint.

Editorial Notes fron Amanda 

–> Editor Notes  (click on link)


Please copy Craig’s chapter basic layout for your chapter so all the submissions will be consistent.
-> Valentine Chapter Layout Example  (from Guerrilla Marketing On Front Lines)


Submission Notes:

* Submit your chapter to

please cc and


As we said with 50 authors your chapter will be only 2400 words max or less.

If you are on the list below you are approved so you can start. We will send details of who to submit to soon.

If you cannot make this deadline please email mitch – ASAP 

3. Why is this quick timeline so important?
1) We plan to do an Amazon best selling book launch in April  (I have done this twice before and have hit #1 each time).

2) We also plan to have copies for our Sept 13-14 World Class Speaking Live event in Phoenix. We need all the time submissons deadline to edit, layout and print the book. There really isn’t any room for delay.

Think how cool it will be to have all the authors at this event signing their best selling book with filled room of speaking prospects.  Plus this will be the first big gathering of Certified World Class Speaking Coaches. Please hold this date as it will be an event you won’t want to miss and Craig and I really want to meet you live (more details on that event coming) .

4.  Style:  I have uploaded a few samples  on this page (scroll down) so you can see how to craft a clear chapter with subheadings so the reader can scan sections. These sample chapters are in some cases longer than the 3000 words -remember yours will be 2400 words max.   Please do not duplicate or use as they are parts of published books. (If you see an H1 or H2 tag ignore it -these are for publisher).   Obviously your style may vary.

5. Misc. Regarding book contract Craig and I will sign that.  We will need from you a signed release form when you submit your chapter so we can use material under the copyright of the book.  This is standard and I have received this from 48 Online Marketing Superstars and 35 Guerrilla Marketing Coaches in those published books.




Table of Contents





Writing Style Considerations

**Download Editors Note at top of this page


Listen to this audio before writing–


We need all chapters to be consistent in form, style and readability.    A good place to begin is to closely look at your World Class Speaking Book from a writing standpoint.  Notice it is simple, clear and scannable.  We like stories and “how to” bullet points. 


** Promotion. Because we all want this book to be a best seller, we need you to commit to spreading the word on this book in significant way.  We will have an Amazon launch so we need all of us to be active.   That way you can say you are co-author of a best selling book!